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MidwestLiving_Kauffman photoI was in Kansas City in November gathering research for travel articles and had the chance to visit a friend who works at The American Royal. I left the Kansas City Stockyards in the West Bottoms area that is west of downtown close to 5 p.m., and as I was driving east on I-70 I noticed that the light was very cool on the downtown buildings. I drove past the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. About a mile down the road, I decided it was worth battling rush hour traffic to get off the highway and go back to get a photograph of the setting sunlight bouncing off this stunning building.

I didn’t know my way around the building and couldn’t immediately see a good place to park (there was quite a bit of traffic by now). I knew that I was in danger of missing the light so I finally just pulled into what looked like a service entrance for the building across the street, jumped out and found a safe(ish) place to stand while capturing a few images of the Kauffman Center.

I took photos with both my iPhone and my Canon DSLR. I posted one from my phone on Instagram and just last week an editor at Midwest Living magazine noticed it while gathering Instagram images for a gallery on Kansas City landmarks. I was happy to give the magazine permission to use the photo for their online gallery!

Now…how about an article to go along with more photos for your magazine? 🙂

Below is a screenshot of the gallery featured on the homepage of I was excited to be included in it and thrilled to find out my photo was the cover image. You can view the magazine’s full Kansas City gallery here:

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MidwestLiving photo screenshot


MidwestLivingWeb_strip of photo features

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