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When I worked at Cessna Aircraft Company, I helped with communications for the 2010 Citation Special Olympics Airlift. This is an event spearheaded by Cessna every four years to coincide with the Special Olympics USA National Games. Cessna asks owners of Citation business jets to donate their aircraft, pilots and fuel to Saturdays in a row to fly groups of Special Olympics athletes from all over the country to the national summer games and back home.

One of my assignments was to write and coordinate a newsletter to encourage Citation owners to participate and provide logistical information for aircraft owners who have already registered for the airlift. I was also sent to Albuquerque that year to be a company liaison at an airport where Citation owners would be picking up Special Olympics athletes and flying them to the games in Nebraska. One of the pilots was Harrison Ford, a long-time pilot and Cessna owner. (fyi – He was very gracious to all of the parents, coaches and athletes who wanted to meet him.)

Cessna contracted with me to work on the newsletter for the 2014 Citation Special Olympics Airlift (June 14 & 21). I started with the July 2013 issue and have written all the copy for each bimonthly newsletter — these usually include a profile on an aircraft operator who has participated in a past airlift, a column from the director of the airlift or Cessna’s CEO, information about the Special Olympics and articles on partnerships that make the airlift possible (FAA, airport, FBO, etc.).

Below are the newsletters for the current 2014 Citation Special Olympics Airlift and below these are the newsletters from 2010.

Newsletters for 2014 Citation Special Olympics Airlift

July 2013 issue

September 2013 issue

November 2013 issue

January 2014 issue

Newsletters for 2010 Citation Special Olympics Airlift

January 2009 issue

July 2009 issue

October 2009 issue

January 2010 issue

March 2010 issue

April 2010 issue

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